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Where to Rent a Press Tool

September 21, 2021 Viega
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When a contractor pulls the trigger on a tool to press a fitting for the first time, the advantages of the technology become clear: it’s faster, cleaner and easier than traditional methods.

Some contractors are fortunate enough to work for companies that have adopted pressing while others get their first experience at a tradeshow or a tool demonstration at a distributor.

But what about those who want to try pressing on a jobsite before investing in a tool and jaws? The easy answer is to rent a tool from a supply house.

Many distributors rent tools and jaws by the day, week or month. That’s the perfect way for contractors to test the tools and fittings in a real-life situation before deciding on a purchase.

Contractors who want instruction on pressing before getting started can get a personalized online lesson from a Viega Technical Consultant through Viega Works.

Renting is also a way for companies that have their own pressing tools to add temporary capacity when the demand for the tools exceeds their inventory. That accounts for most of the rentals at Porter Pipe & Supply, a wholesale supplier with five locations in Illinois and Indiana.

Porter’s Indianapolis location has an extensive RIDGID press offering and includes full sets of jaws to handle everything from ProPress to 4" MegaPress, said Bret Govert, operations manager in Indianapolis. Porter rents them daily, weekly, and even monthly at a flexible rate to meet the contractors’ project needs and deadlines.

On any given day, approximately half the tools are rented, Govert said.

“It’s a real convenience for businesses,” he said. “They can rent extra tools for the period they’re needed, then return them. It lets them keep pressing on all jobs, which makes it easier to keep those jobs on track.”

For some of those customers, it becomes less expensive to buy additional press tools than continue to rent them, Govert said, adding that Porter once sold six in a single day to a customer.

If interested in renting a tool for any reason, check with your local wholesaler or distributor.

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