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Solderless Copper Fittings and the Benefits they Provide in Hospitals

September 4, 2018 Viega
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Solderless copper fittings save time and improve safety during the construction process. A plumber can save ample time pressing fittings as opposed to sweating them. There is also no danger of starting a fire during the soldering process. These are two of the reasons why solderless copper fittings benefit hospital piping systems and there are many more.

The superior performance, durability and versatility of copper makes it a popular choice for many construction projects, specifically hospital piping systems. This is particularly true of hot/cold water service, HVAC systems and the distribution of medical gases. While the material itself is designed to fuel success, there’s another layer to the effectiveness of the system: its installation.

For many years, hospital projects have relied on the technique of soldering to foster copper pipe connections. But that’s not to say the practice hasn’t come without challenges. Beyond long installation times and use of flames—elements that can displace hospital patients and introduce safety risks—weak connections can result when too much or not enough heat is applied in the soldering process.

As an alternative to this traditional route, today’s installers have the ability to work with solderless copper fittings. Let’s take a closer look at how this technological advancement is reshaping the design and operation of hospitals.

What Solderless Copper Fittings Can Do for Hospitals

Time is of the essence in healthcare construction and renovation. Whereas soldering can be stalled by wet conditions, an investment in solderless copper fittings avoids installation delays in hospitals and the varied costs that come with them. Press fitting technology allows connections to be made in both wet and dry conditions, in a matter of seconds versus several minutes. Not only does this streamline the initial installation, it also minimizes the degree to which future maintenance will impact the patient experience.

The efficiency of solderless copper fittings is paired with enhanced safety. Press tools remove the potential for poor bonds created by the heating of metal parts and instead establish reliable connections throughout the infrastructure and ensure quality at every stage. By using press technology for installation, hospitals no longer have to worry about the risks an open flame introduces to the environment. This also eliminates the need for burn permits and fire watches that can inevitably delay project timelines and tack on extra costs.

Rethink Hospital Design with Solderless Copper Fittings

Hospital designs have changed significantly over the years, from their layout to the technologies they leverage. But what ties these individual elements together—whether it’s the use of modular patient rooms or solderless copper fittings—is the ability to positively impact the business’s bottom line.

Have a healthcare project that could benefit from solderless copper fittings? Viega offers a wide range of copper press fittings designed to increase efficiency and profits. To see some examples of these results, browse our project profiles section.

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