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How In-Wall Toilet Carriers Actually Simplify Maintenance

September 24, 2019 Viega
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When it comes to in-wall toilet carriers, there’s often a misconception that maintenance is a hassle. Because the system lives behind the wall, it’s assumed that contractors would have to tear up the wall to make necessary repairs — in other words, do more harm than good.

That’s an idea that we want to, appropriately, flush right down the drain.

An Easy Way to Access In-Wall Toilet Carriers

All of the maintenance performed on an in-wall toilet carrier can be accessed via the flush plate opening. With the flush plate cover removed, contractors can replace various components or simply perform routine maintenance on the system without causing any damage to the surrounding space. Once maintenance is complete, the cover is put back on and no further work (or cleanup) is required.

There’s More: In-Wall Toilet Carriers Require Less Maintenance

While maintenance is easy to perform on in-wall toilet carriers, the need for it is greatly reduced compared to traditional tank systems. That’s because in-wall toilet carriers don’t have screens where clogs can occur or a flushometer that could leak or malfunction (e.g., doesn’t fill the toilet bowl with enough water to create a flush).

The Warranty Speaks For Itself...

When you think about the wear and tear that traditional tank systems undergo versus in-wall toilet carriers, it’s easy to see why there is such a stark contrast between their warranties.

A standard toilet generally has a warranty of one year at best. And compared to a flushometer, warranties are three years for most brands.

In the case of in-wall toilet carriers, the expected life span is much longer. These systems are designed to live behind the wall for many years, with internal components that thrive in the harshest conditions like greywater, blackwater and reclaimed water.

With Viega in-wall toilet systems, the frame and tank come with a lifetime warranty, while the internal components have a 10-year warranty. This substantial jump from traditional systems means a better return on investment — with the added benefit of a system that is more hygienic, efficient and compact.

While you’ve read about the value of in-wall flushing technology, we want you to hear about it, too. Tune into this video to see how Viega flushing systems can benefit your projects.

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