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Why Real Plumbers Do In Fact Use Press Tool Technology

September 3, 2019 Viega
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We’re no stranger to comments like, “real plumbers don’t press.” And we understand their roots.

In some cases, plumbers may have genuine concerns about the reliability of press connections since the sealant method is a sealing element. Through vigorous torture tests and the testament of time, we’ve proved this to be a myth.

Another driving force is the perceived idea that the “art of the craft” is lost. Often backed by the thought that time is not as important as the cost of pipe fittings, some plumbers would rather take more time and exhibit the art of the craft, whether it’s soldering, welding or threading.

Here’s the thing, though: time is infinitely more valuable than the cost of fittings, and while more objective in nature, press tool technology does require skill.

Think Of It Like This...

If you’re drilling a hole with a small cordless drill, it doesn’t take a lot of knowledge or skill to operate the tool. With only basic knowledge, there is little chance that you will damage the piece or harm yourself.

If you’re drilling a hole with a much more powerful tool like a right angle drill, some training needs to happen before work begins. That’s because the odds are high that you’ll severely injure yourself or destroy the workpiece if misuse occurs.

Like the right angle drill, a press tool is extremely powerful. So before plumbers are ready to press in the field, they need to be trained on how to operate the tool, both from a safety standpoint and to ensure projects are finished as intended. While a less intensive learning process than traditional pipe joining methods, the education behind press tool technology is just as important.

(Too strapped for time to train employees on press tool technology? No worries — the team at Viega has you covered. Take a look at the hands-on training courses we have available.)

Shift Focus to the Larger Picture

As it relates to the entire scope of a plumbing job, the time spent joining pipe is just a small segment. But when you can accelerate this process, it gives you more time to focus on other factors that matter to stakeholders:

  • The piping is installed plumb and level
  • The piping fits into the existing building system without conflict
  • The system performs as intended
  • Non-invasive, safe repairs can be made in record time

Press tool technology allows you to do just that. Not only can you save 30% to 90% in installation time (depending on the type of system), but the objective nature of the press method levels the playing field so that results are consistent.

Have any questions we can help answer before you attend a training session? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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