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Viega PureFlow PEX versus SharkBite PEX: Which Offers More Protection?

June 6, 2019 Viega
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PEX-a, PEX-b or PEX-c tubing?

SharkBite PEX rely on this same cross-linking method for their PEX tubing. When it comes to the choice of PEX-b — the silane method of cross-linking polyethylene — Viega isn’t the only industry leader who manufactures this type of PEX tube.

That decision is made with good reason: PEX-b has higher burst pressures as compared to the peroxide method (PEX-a) and often has the strongest resistance to chlorine and UV exposure.

While both Viega and SharkBite PEX meet the industry standard ASTM F876, the conversation around UV resistance introduces a difference. Viega PEX offers a minimum UV resistance of six months while SharkBite PEX offers UV resistance for just one month. (The scenario is similar for Uponor PEX, a PEX-a product in which UV resistance ranges between one and three months.)

Depending on the projects you’re working on, the difference of a few months of UV resistance can be substantial.

When PEX Meets Long-Term Sun Exposure

Similar to other plastics, prolonged exposure to sunlight is problematic for PEX. Over time, UV rays can break down the stabilizers in PEX, causing pipes to become brittle and even rupture.

If we think about this from the perspective of longer construction schedules or projects prone to delays, it’s easy to see where the potential for issues lie. Whether it’s construction practices or storage conditions that subject PEX to sunlight exposure, time will take its toll on the quality and performance of the product — without proper protection in place, that is.

In these cases, the higher UV resistance that Viega PureFlow® PEX (made in the USA) offers over SharkBite PEX and other competitors helps provide peace of mind. In the face of sun exposure, installers can remain confident in the stability and quality of PEX, even when a change in schedule occurs.

Choose Viega for Your PEX Plumbing Needs

With all the PEX that’s available on the market, narrowing down your options can be difficult. Three of the guiding factors in this decision should be hydrostatic pressures, chlorine resistance and UV resistance — the three elements included in the PEX material designation code.

Looking for a complete plumbing solution that's easy to install and will help reduce water waste? Look no further than the Viega PureFlow System. At Viega, we aim to meet the highest industry standards on every front. That’s why we design and manufacture PEX with the strongest chlorine and UV resistance, as well as higher burst pressures compared to alternatives (often performing at 10 percent higher pressures than PEX-a). Combine this with our easy-to-install, reliable press fittings and your PEX plumbing project is set up for success from start to finish.

Achieve the PEX plumbing results you want. Here's what it takes.

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