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How to Use Welding & Press Tool Technology in Your Projects

July 16, 2019 Viega
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Welding or press tool technology?

When it comes to these two means of connecting pipes, it’s often assumed that contractors will choose one or the other. Yet what many in the industry don’t realize is the potential to work smarter using both techniques.

If you’re a contractor who relies on welding to handle jobs, the key to boosting your bottom line is to understand where press tool technology is most effective.

When to Use Welding

While small diameter pipes are used across many applications, some scenarios call for large diameter pipes. This is true of systems that require a high-volume flow like the cooling water intakes for a power plant.

In some systems, you’ll also deal with high pressures and temperatures. One example is a high-pressure steam line. Because of the elevated pressure levels under working conditions, this type of system needs to be installed in a way that won’t cause dangerous pressure leaks.

When you’re working with systems that involve large pipe diameters or elevated pressures/temperatures, an experienced welder should be brought in. The flexibility of this technique enables secure connections to be made between larger sections of pipe as well as the safe testing of pipes that carry high-pressure or -temperature fluids.

When to Use Press Tool Technology

For those smaller diameter pipe systems that are not high pressure or temperature, press tool technology can save significant time. Secure connections can be made in a matter of seconds, with contractors able to most effectively use their labor pool.

Say you have a new apprentice. To keep your business productive, you can quickly get the apprentice up and running with press tool technology while helping them hone their welding skills on the side. While these new installers tackle small diameter projects, experienced welders can dedicate their efforts to systems that require their unique skillset.

(Note: Some contractors will weld quickly in a controlled environment, prefabricate pipe sections and then press on the job site to save time.)

As a manufacturer of press tool technology, Viega is here to help you tackle your piping projects. We combine high-quality press fittings with design, training and support services to ensure that you have all the resources you need for project success. To learn more, connect with one of our sales representatives today.

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