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The Top 10 Viega Blogs of 2022

December 6, 2022 Viega
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Our goal for the Viega blog is to educate, inform, and maybe even entertain a little. We use the blog to answer questions we get from contractors and to provide information on our product offerings, with a few tips and tricks sprinkled in to set you up for success.

As we wrap up a busy year, here are the ten most popular posts on the Viega blog for 2022:

1. Iron Pipe Size Vs. Copper Tube Sizes: How They Differ

Iron pipe size, copper tube size, and nominal pipe size are the three most common pipe sizing systems. Knowing the difference between the sizing standards can avoid confusion when ordering material and on the jobsite.

2. Pressing Doesn’t Take the Skill Out of the Trades

While a press fitting makes it simpler to join piping/tubing assemblies, it doesn’t tell the contractor what materials to use or where to install them. Part of the skill of the trade is knowing what to do, why to do it and taking pride in your work.

3. ProPress Systems Tips and Tricks

From prepping a pipe for ProPress to getting rid of burrs, this post has you covered.

4. What to Know About Press Fittings and Cold Weather

Burst pipes are expensive nightmares that cost businesses and homeowners millions in property damage and repairs. Are pipes joined with press fittings able to stand up to the cold? Yes, and in this post, we’ll explain why (and why it works).

5. New Viega MegaPress, MegaPressG and ProPress Valves Complete Press Plumbing Systems

Viega offers a complete press system solution for contractors in ½” to 4” sizes.

6. Everything to Know About Viega MegaPress

MegaPress is a game changer. With its versatility, hundreds of applications, and configurations up to 4”, MegaPress has revolutionized plumbing and pipefitting, making projects safer, faster, and more efficient for contractors.

7. In the Pits and On the Job: Viega Supports the Pros

Viega sponsored the JTG Daugherty Racing pit crew in the NASCAR Cup Series in 2022. There are a lot of similarities between plumbers and pit crews. They need to be fast. They need to get it right the first time.

8. How to Press in Tight Spaces

There is nothing like finding yourself crammed into a corner trying to finish up a plumbing repair. We’ve got tools that help you work around obstacles on a job while maintaining the minimum distances required by code. Bonus: no hot tools.

9. 5 Plumbing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

We recap some of our favorite podcasts that keep you ahead of the trends and give great advice. Give these a listen.

10. Transition from Copper to PEX in 7 Seconds

PEX tubing easily bends around corners, reducing the need for additional connections, but in older structures, you need a method for transitioning copper pipe to PEX tubing. We show you how to do it easily.

Thanks for reading the Viega blog this year. We look forward to providing educational and informative content in 2023, along with project highlights and more!

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